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The Lighthouse Family, famous for their massive hits ‘High’, ‘Lifted’ and ‘Ocean Drive’, have returned after 18 years with the announcement of their new album ‘Blue Sky In Your Head’ which will be released on May 10th.

We caught up with Tunde Baiyewu and Paul Tucker from the band to find out more about their long awaited comeback.

Tell me a little bit about the new album, reactions have been pretty good and it’s classic Lighthouse Family. Would you say there’s something for everyone as well?
Paul: When we started doing this we thought about what we wanted a Lighthouse Family record to be. It was kind of a thing where if you were going to make a Lighthouse Family record now what would you do? So we looked back at what we’ve done in the past: ‘High’, ‘Lifted’ and ‘Ocean Drive’, that was the bar, and the standard that we had to try and match; it was a bit of a tall order.

Do you think this album stands up against previous albums?
Paul: I think it’s unmistakably a Lighthouse Family record. I think there are a lot of big songs on it and songs with big choruses that we’ve done in the past. I talk a lot about the title of the record because Blue Sky in Your Head came from the idea of what we want a Lighthouse Family song to do. Ocean Drive does that; it puts a blue sky in your head. So that was a component in the thinking of what we were doing. We’ve done a couple of solo things on and off for the last 10-15 years, but there’s a particular magic that happens when Tunde and I get together that you almost couldn’t create- it’s almost like ‘ooh where did that come from?’. If people love Lighthouse Family then I don’t think they’re going to be disappointed by this record.

Talking about your previous albums and the singles you’ve just mentioned: ‘High’, ‘Lifted’, and ‘Ocean Drive’, are these songs that have stood the test of time? What do you think is the enjoyment appeal in some of these songs?
Tunde: I think there are songs in the past way before we even started making music that does the same thing. So that’s what we try to do, the heart of what we do starts with us trying to write songs that we feel good about that takes you to somewhere else, and puts that Blue Sky in Your Head so to speak. That’s all you can do, you write a song that does that for you and hopefully it will do that for other people as well when they listen to it.

The tour isn’t until November, but have you started to think about how you’re going to be taking it to the stage? Will you create a Blue Sky in Your Head world on tour?
Paul: The record would have been out for about six months by then so you could if you wanted to weight it heavily in favour of Blue Sky in Your Head but what I think we will end up doing is playing all of the big tunes from Ocean Drive, Postcards from Heaven, Whatever Gets You Through The Day, and this one. We’ll play three or four from this one, ‘Lifted’, ‘Ocean Drive’, ‘Loving Every Minute’, ‘Goodbye Heartbreak’, ‘High’, ‘Lost in Space’, ‘Raincloud’, ‘Question of Faith’, ‘Postcards from Heaven’, ‘(I wish I knew How It Would Feel to Be) Free/ One’, ‘Run’, ‘Happy’, ‘Clouds’, ‘Live Again’, ‘My Salvation’, maybe a couple others from the new album. Then you’ve got to think, when you’re playing it, you’ve got to practice it as a live set, you’ve got to start thinking about it. It’s going to be fun.

What was the reaction like from your fans to the announcement of the new album and ‘My Salvation’?
Tunde: To be honest, I stay away from social media. The little bit that I have seen, it’s like nobody saw it coming. So it’s bang out of nowhere for something that I suppose in the back of people’s mind they were hoping and thinking maybe it will happen one day. All of a sudden for it to happen is a nice surprise.
‘Blue Sky In Your Head’ will be released via Polydor Records on May 10th. Their new single ‘My Salvation’ is out now. The Lighthouse Family will also be heading out on tour in November 2019.


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