Back from extinction: Basioldon’s Festival Leisure Park celebrate Jurassic World


Life size dinosaurs as well as some reptiles will be arriving at the Festival Leisure Park, to celebrate the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom this weekend.

The dinos will be appearing at Festival Leisure Park, Basildon on Saturday between 11am – 4pm.

It turns out dinosaurs are not extinct, and the Festival Leisure Park have some special guests joining them outside the cinema; a life size T-Rex will be arriving at the park at appearing at intervals throughout the day.
Standing at 9-feet-high and over four metres in length, with a huge tail swinging from left to right the model even has blinking eyes and moving arms and legs.

Despite their fearsome appearance, the dinosaurs are very friendly, children and adults of all ages will get the opportunity to marvel at this fantastic creature, and even get to see some baby dinos.

There will also be free face painting on the day for children to enjoy, as well as the chance to get up close and personal with reptiles that still roam the earth. With appearances from a 14-feet Burmese python, Wilbur the Armadillo and many other creatures.

Matthew Chambers, centre manager at Festival Leisure Park, said: “We are very excited to be showing the new Jurassic World here in Cineworld Basildon at Festival Leisure Park.

“It will be a fantastic day for families to meet our life-size interactive dinosaur, plus being able to see the new blockbuster on our IMAX Screen.

“I know there are lots of excited children who have been studing dinosaurs at school and are really looking foward to coming on Saturday.”

As well as a meet and greet with the Jurassic Dinosaurs, Festival Leisure will also be inviting stars from Nickelodeon’s Paw Patrol to come and visit on Saturday, June 23.


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