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Film: What Men Want (117m)
Rating: 15
Festival Film Club rating: ***
Review by: Sarah Gager



The story follows Ali Davis, a successful, single, female in a man’s world. Ali is a sports agent working in a very male dominated environment. Struggling to be rewarded for her hard work and commitment to her job, she’s beginning to get tired of her lack of promotion, to a partner in the firm.

At her friend’s hen do, Ali has an encounter with a psychic, who gives her a strange drink. After this, Ali and her friends head out to party the night away. Ali has a fall and bangs her head. She wakes up in hospital and is astounded by the realisation that she can now hear the thoughts of all men around her.
Was it the strange drink or the bang on the head, that lead to this gift? At first

Ali is struggling to cope with her new found ability but soon learns how to use it to her advantage, in work and in romance!

This is a great comedy with a few laugh out loud moments. Ali’s gay assistant, Brandon, is hilarious throughout.

Although, overall this film is quite crazy, loud and over the top, it also has a few endearing, touching moments. It’s an enjoyable film.


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