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Asda makes pancake day

Nothing gets the family together like successfully flipping a pancake, and at ASDA at The Mercury, there’s everything under one roof to help you make the most of Pancake Day.

Whether you’re struggling to master the perfect batter, or unsure how to top your masterpiece, there’s no need to flip out – ASDA has it covered.

If you’re strapped for time but still want to get involved in eating delicious pancakes, look no further than Asda’s prepared pancakes.

The Baker’s Selection pancakes are available in plain, milk chocolate, double chocolate, maple, fruit, white chocolate, lemon or lemon and fruit flavours. Available in packs of five, there’s plenty to go around, suiting everyone’s taste buds and pancake preferences. Packs are £1 each.

Struggle to get your pancake batter just right? Don’t panic, because Asda’s Pancake Shakers will give you perfect pancakes every time. Simply add some cold water, shake until the mixture is smooth and pour evenly into your frying pan.

Also available as a Free From Pancake Shaker, suitable for gluten and milk-free lifestyles.
Pancake Batter Mix is £1 and the Free From Pancake Shaker £1.20.

ASDA has plenty of topping options from a simple sugar with zesty lemon, or try spreading the Hazelnut Chocolate Spread or Salted Caramel Chocolate Flavour Spread over your pancake and rolling it up.

If you want a sweet and savoury twist, try the Extra Special 8 Dry Cured Unsmoked Back Bacon Rashers with sweet Extra Special Canadian Maple Syrup.
Staying healthy? Then try fresh berries to top your pancake, Grower’s Selection Raspberries, Blueberries or Strawberries.
Visit ASDA, on Level 2 of The Mercury this Shrove Tuesday 5th March- so you can flip in style.



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