Advice for pet owners


With bonfire night around the corner, vets in Essex have been encouraging pet owners to start preparing their furry friends for the distress of Bonfire night.

The RSPCA claims around 45 per cent of dogs show signs of fear when they hear fireworks. Iain Booth, a veterinary surgeon and managing director of online retailer Vet UK, claims action needs to be taken to ensure pets have enough time to become acclimatised and don’t suffer.

He said: “Forward planning is key to making sure Bonfire Night doesn’t create huge amounts of stress for pets.

Iain has made an eight-step plan to make sure that bonfire is as peaceful for our pets as possible. A few of these steps include: desensitisation – when you increase their tolerance to loud noises by playing them initially at a low level and increasing the volume over time: Creating a safe zone for your pets, making your home feel secure and keeping your cats inside.

Essex vets such as Edgewood vets who cover Purleigh, Maldon and Burleigh have launched a blog on how to protect rabbits from the noise. Cherrydown Vets, who have vets in Basildon, Stanford-le-hope and Wickford have also given us tips on their website of how to keep pets safe and how to avoid pet anxiety this bonfire night.


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