A winter wonderland: spring in Billericay

The dazzling ice formations captured on Mountnessing Road photo: Cerisa Biscoe

A Billericay local managed to get a shot of this impressive collection of icicles left over after the so-called ‘mini beast from the east’ brought more wintery conditions to the area over the weekend.
Eagle-eyed Cerisa Biscoe was able to capture the ice-covered tree from her car while driving down Mountnessing Road on Monday morning in the aftermath of another downpour of snow exacerbated by sub-zero temperatures – allowing the beautiful formation to survive into the new week.
After taking to Facebook to share the images – Cerisa received a strong response from fellow residents, many of whom who had also spotted the frozen tree.
Judy Joyce said: “Thank you for taking those amazing pictures.
“I drove past slowly this afternoon.
“Each cylindrical bit of ice appears to be frozen to a piece of grass.
“The water splashed from cars has frozen itself to individual blades. Amazing.”
With more snow forecast over Easter – we might not have seen the last of the ice.

ice 2
More icicles seen off Old Church Lane, Billericay photo: Cerisa Biscoe


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