A bridge too far for Thurrock!


COUNCILLORS in Thurrock have unanimously agreed to oppose any new road and bridge connection between Coryton and Canvey Island.

A motion to this end was proposed by Stanford-le-Hope ward councillor Cllr James Halden at the Borough’s full council meeting last Wednesday. He was responding to lobbying by civic leaders in Canvey for a new link to ease congestion getting to and from the town.

Cllr Halden said: “I understand the views of councillors and parliamentary colleagues in Castle Point, an additional route off of Canvey would benefit their residents slightly.

“However, I feel that I must stand up for my constituents.

“An additional road would not benefit the people of Corringham and Stanford. I am sure the people of Canvey would very much like an alternative route to the A13 but I see this as an option for a net increase of traffic into East Thurrock, at a time where we cannot afford it.

“We need to show clear leadership, or we could end up with a situation where Thurrock is simply not heard.

“With several national, and indeed international bits of infrastructure in Thurrock, we need to be loud and clear and relentless with our views – yes to A13 widening, yes to removing level crossings, and no to additional roads into Thurrock.”

Another Stanford-based councillor, Cllr Shane Hebb added: “I applaud this proposal, how dare they make suggestions about what goes through our Borough? How dare they?”

Council leader Cllr John Kent put his weight behind the motion, saying: “I will be supporting this motion but what we need to remember is that we can’t allow or not allow this. The decision will be made by the Department for Transport.”


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