8,000 Thurrock homes in latest waste bins shake-up


AS many as one in ten homes in Thurrock could be affected by the latest switches as Thurrock Council battles to right the wrongs after controversial changes to its waste collection routes.

For almost three months residents across the Borough have had to suffer delays with collections as the authority seeks to implement a more efficient, cost-saving system.

The Labour-run Council’s portfolio holder for the environment Cllr Victoria Holloway has found herself in the eye of the storm as Tory councillors have blasted her department for its inefficiencies and she even survived a motion at full Council when Tories called for her head.

Throughout the troubled times she has been on the front foot against critics, saying there were just “tweaks and minor changes” to a system that was largely working well – but this week she has been forced to announce bin collection day alterations to around 8,000 homes.

Households affected by the changes should have a card delivered to their door this week andthechangeswillalsobeonthe Council’s website so residents can check if they are affected. The Council says the website will be fully updated by today ( Thursday) and will be available at www.thurrock.gov.uk/waste.

On Tuesday Cllr Holloway said:“We know there has been a problem; we have said sorry; and we are determined to put things right.

“We have tested the new routes over the last couple of weeks and made some final tweaks in order to ensure they work.

“In some areas we know we are making changes where there hasn’t previously been a problem, but in order to ensure a same day collection service for all three bins we have had to make those changes.

“We found out during the testing and tweaking process that residents are generating an increased volume of recycling so vehicles are being filled faster and are having to be emptied sooner.

“This is a really positive reason why we have made some adjustments to the routes and I would like to thank residents for recycling more at home.

“We know making further changes is not ideal, but we want to assure people we will do everything


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