Body Guard has the X Factor!


I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to go and review The Bodyguard as I’ve always been a fan of the film and Whitney Houston.

Starring Alexandre Burke, former winner of the X Factor and more recently a Strictly Come Dancing finalist, it was intriguing to see whether she would live up to the ‘Whitney voice’ and how the production team would bring this now iconic film onto the stage.

From the first minute we could tell this was going to be a big production. Burke almost immediately shows that she has the swagger needed to play someone like Rachel Marron, a singer who is a big star and is hopes for an Oscar win.

Burke started off almost a bit hesitant but the more she sings, the more confident she got. Overall she got better and better throughout the show both as an actress and a singer.
As you would expect the soundtrack is at the forefront of the show, ‘Queen of the Night’ being my favorite performance.

One Moment in Time’, accompanied by a gun-toting stalker, is tense, while the show-closing ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ gets everyone up on their feet.

‘I Will Always Love You’, was the emotional peak of the show. Burke made the song her own, captivating the audience and instantly winning applause from a relieved audience.

The moving, ever-changing set framed the show’s key moments with bold bars of light, guiding the audience, while no expense was spared on creating important sets like Rachel Marron’s lavish home and the lakefront cabin retreat.

This show grips you from the beginning with its clever chorography and special effects making you feel that Rachel really is in danger from her strange quiet stalker played very well by Phil Atkinson.

Micha Richardson, portrays the heartbroken Nicki Marron (Rachel’s sister) incredibly well. Her voice is excellent and a holds her own on stage without Burke. Benoit Marechal, who plays Frank Farmer has good chemistry with Burke and they bounce off each other well.

The Bodyguard is on at the Cliffs Theatre in Southend until February 2 and is a must for all Whitney and music fans in general. Visit 


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