‘A Trunk Full of Trailblazer’ at Grays Convent


This June saw the coming together of all the creative subjects at Grays Convent High School for “A Trunk Full of Trailblazer”, a new and exciting performance showcased the diverse talent of the students.

With the evening divided into two sections; the end of term Creative Arts Exhibition and performances from the Dance, Drama and Music all of which have been created and inspired by our Trailblazer Programme.

The start of the evening saw guest greeted by displays of GCSE Art, Craft and Design, Resistant Materials and Graphics sketchbooks and final pieces.

This allowed staff, parents and guests a chance to see the grand scale of the girls work and the amazing pieces that they have created.

While taking in the girls work the guests were treated to top quality cupcakes that were made by the Year 10 GCSE cooking pupils.

Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Collis said: “What an amazing exhibition of work. I always enjoy this end of year exhibition to celebrate the creative talents of our pupils and this year we were treated to performances too.

“The performance portion of the evening offered a diverse range of activities, taking inspiration from their experiences through Trailblazer this year, including a performance inspired from their work with the V&A ‘Shakespeare in a Suitcase’ project.

“Well done pupils and teachers on this wonderful evening.”

To finish the show the crowd were treated to a highlight performance from their successful 2018 production of Sister Act.


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