25% of wedding guests can’t afford to RSVP


Bride computerWEDDINGS are always going to be expensive for the couple getting married, but it’s not just the bride and groom that have to stump up the cash.

A study by TopCashback revealed that a quarter of residents in the East of England, which includes Essex, have had to decline an invitation due to the price of a wedding.

With the rise of abroad weddings, and hen and stag parties becoming more elaborate, many residents have to check their bank balances before agreeing to attend.

Along with potential travel and accommodation costs, around three-quarters think buying a gift is compulsory and more than half believe it should cost between £26 and £50. Around three-quarters also said they’d buy a new outfit for the occasion.

Other points revealed from the study showed that 24% of residents in the East expect a free bar at a wedding. And for the happy couple, their bank balance may not be very happy with the fact that 16% of residents in the East went over budget when planning their wedding, and the majority who went over budget overspent by £1-2k.

So if you know a wedding invitation is looming, get saving!


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