Thurrock Independents back Orsett Hospital

Fight is on

Thurrock Independent’s have issued an Orsett Hospital challenge to the Labour Party. 

Leader, Councillor Luke Spillman said; “I personally guarantee that the Thurrock Independents are unwavering in our commitment to save Orsett Hospital from closure, until a new hospital for Thurrock is built.

Orsett Hospital closure

“This has been our party’s policy since we first formed in January 2018. Since the elections in May, Labour have had the chance to try to run Thurrock Council and have chosen not to do so.

“Running Thurrock Council would have given them the opportunity to fight the closure of Orsett Hospital.”

The Independents are angry with the hospital closure and believe that Labour don’t want the responsibility, Councillor Spillman continued: “Labour don’t want the responsibility, they’d prefer to be in opposition, see the hospital closed, and then claim it was everybody else’s fault.

“Instead of presenting a plan to save Orsett Hospital they attack former councillors. They also chose to do a grubby backroom deal with the Tories after the election. Labour’s only interest at present appears to be in weaponising Orsett Hospital to get votes.”

He added: “I personally issue a challenge to Thurrock Labour. Step up to the plate and submit a vote of no confidence in the Tory administration.

“Present a plan at July’s Full Council to save Orsett Hospital until a new hospital is built, prevent further council tax rises and reduce the number of homes scheduled to be built as part of the Local Plan.

“If Thurrock Labour aren’t willing to accept this challenge, then this proves they aren’t interested in delivering on the promises they have made to voters.”


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