Sharp rise in scooter crime

Romford MP Andrew Rosindell has slammed the noticeable increase in crime and anti-social behaviour in Havering following a spate of moped related crimes and an increase in gun and knife crimes across the borough.

The MP said: “I think that most local residents would agree that there has been a noticeable increase in crime and anti-social behaviour in our area recently. Havering used to be regarded as one of the safest among the boroughs in London, but things are changing.”

Recent end of year police figures showed that firearm offences have risen in Havering from 45 to 76 between 2016-17 and now with a reported 41 per cent increase in moped related crimes across London in the last 12 months, Mr Rosindell is concerned about the safety of his borough.

“The recent troubles of crimes involving mopeds have highlighted this issue. I addressed the subject of moped related crime on BBC Sunday Politics as well as the House of Commons Chamber and have questioned why police are not being allowed to do their jobs properly.

“Reports that police are not pursuing suspects on two wheeled vehicles have become frequent.”

Local residents agree with the MP and also fear for the rise of crime in their borough. Roger, 66, from Hornchurch told The Enquirer: “I have noticed an increase in crime in Havering and this is very disturbing, the rise in moped related crimes is particularly worrying as now we all have to be more vigilant as we walk down our streets and look over our shoulder.

MP calls for more action on moped gangs

“I know the police have their hands tied and find it hard to do their job, so I think the Government should do more to allow the police the ability to arrest these criminals and to have more police on the streets.”

The Romford MP continued: “These criminals need to be stopped and being tougher with the offenders is what needs to be done, rather that instructing the public to be more vigilant. That is not the solution.

“Such gang culture must be prevented and I will be raising this with our Havering Borough Commander and East Area Command Unit imminently. “

Leader of Barking and Dagenham council, Cllr Darren Rodwell has also joined the debate. He said: “We need the right number of police officers to deal with the concerns of our residents. We have a real need for greater resources to help tackle concerns raised by our residents, notably the increase in nuisance mopeds.”

by Francesca Lilleystone


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