Pupils in Southend have chance to exhibit photography

Milton School
Pupils had the chance to display their work at Victoria Shopping Centre

Photography club display work in school first

Milton Hall Primary School’s Photography Club is held its first public photography exhibition last week.

The collection of photographs were taken by children aged nine and ten at the Southend school who take part in an after school photography club run by Miss Coleman.

The range of photographs in the collection illustrates the different things the children have learnt during their time in the club including composition, lighting, portrait and street photography.

There is also a section of black and white portraits taken by children aged four and fivein the style of famed photographer David Bailey.

An empty shop in the Victoria Shopping Centre was transformed into a gallery.

“We try to get the children to look at ordinary things and interpret them, through photography, in an extraordinary way,” said Miss Coleman the club leader, “and I think they have done a wonderful job.”


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