Painting double yellows without consultation crosses the line for Thurrock UKIP councillor

A UKIP councillor has criticised the painting of yellow lines in his ward without any consultation among local residents.

Councillor Tim Aker said he was “gobsmacked” to find the yellow lines on the Aveley Village Development and set about starting a petition objecting to the lines.

The petition, signed by 120 residents, was presented to Full Council on 29 March and a public meeting was held on the issue last Friday.

Speaking at Full Council, UKIP Aveley councillor Tim Aker said: “Parking is already a big problem across the borough and you’ve got yellow lines across people’s driveways and everywhere. It’s a mess frankly.”

The Council is now understood to be reviewing the lines and a consultation will take place.

UKIP Aveley Councillor, Tim Aker MEP added: “Residents were gobsmacked to find these yellow lines appear almost out of nowhere, with no consultation at all. I share their frustration and called a meeting with the Council to see how we can resolve the situation.

“After a very productive meeting with officers, a consultation will take place where the lines will be reviewed. We have assurances that some will go and we believe that with input from residents, the non-sensical lines will disappear.”

The lines were painted on by developer Persimmon Homes on unadopted roads in line with traffic calming measures in the outline planning permission granted in 2010.

However, Thurrock Council have stated that the lines are currently unenforceable and a consultation will be held to decide which lines, if any, will remain.

Luke Atkinson, Head of Technical at Persimmon Homes Essex, said: “The yellow lines have been applied in accordance with the approved adoptable highways drawings for this new development.

“We have simply followed the plans. That said, Persimmon Homes is happy to work with the local highways authority and remove any lines now deemed unnecessary. We will always listen to valid concerns, but on this issue we would ultimately need to take direction from Thurrock Highways.”


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