‘Not for the faint hearted’, South Essex College students watch semi-synthetic autopsy

The VIVIT experience is the only one of its kind
The VIVIT experience is the only one of its kind

The autopsy featured real animal organs

Strong stomached science students at South Essex College got the opportunity to watch a mock, live post-mortem procedure last week.

The Southend Campus lecture theatre was packed for the ‘VIVIT’ experience on Friday, November 3 which features the world’s only semi-synthetic human cadaver.

Students attended the event alongside science students from local schools.

The autopsy experience included the visiting VIVIT team dissecting organs obtained from pigs and discussing what happens to the human body after it dies.

The academic dissection went through the complete scientific process, the synthetic cadaver houses real internal organs. The cranium, lungs, heart, intestines, bladder and kidneys were investigated.

Samuel Charman, 20, from Hadleigh, said: “It was a great opportunity and not one you would normally have the chance to watch. It was interesting to see the anatomy of a person in a real life situation.

“I’m looking to work in forensics in the future.”


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