in2 Interview – Jack Savoretti the comeback kid with a passion for songwriting

jack savoretti

WITH his unmistakable raspy tones and dark and brooding good looks, singer-songwriter Jack Savoretti has struck a chord with many.

jack savoretti by Tom Oxley 

A Londoner of Italian descent now living in Oxfordshire, he has released five studio albums including the 2015 hit ‘Written In Scars’ and his most recent ‘Sleep No More’ cementing his reputation as one of the UK’s standout male artists.

This Autumn he will join John Legend on his European and UK arena tour including a show at The O2 Arena on September 12.

“I was never really into music, it was the last thing I wanted to do at school. Then when I was about 16, my father gave me a cassette of Simon and Garfunkel and Bob Dylan and this changed my whole way of looking at music. I fell in love with the storytelling aspect. I knew nothing about the industry and it took me a lot of time to find out about it.”

As a teenager, Jack was interested only in poetry.
“I was writing all the time, it was the thing to do, sit under a tree with a notebook, go somewhere else in your head. I was in the clouds.”

When his mother gave him a guitar and suggested he try putting some of his words to music the rest as they say is history. “After that, I couldn’t stop, it was constant writing, every day, it became almost a form of conversation, the way I interact with the world. I write with my guitarist but predominantly on my own.

“My influences come from Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Marley to Paul Simon and Californian and Italian music from the 60s which my father brought me up listening to. But I listen to all kinds of music, it just depends where I am at the time.”

Fêted as the next big thing as a 20-something singer-songwriter, many of his soulful, dreamy, folk-tinged songs featured in cult TV series such as the OC, One Tree Hill and Sons of Anarchy. “One of the main reasons I have a career today is thanks to American TV shows. It’s one of the principle ways of promoting your songs these days.”

He released his first album Between The Minds in 2007. But it was his 2015 album ‘Written in Scars’ (when he was 32) featuring battle-worn songs about his struggle to the top which included quitting music for a while, which predominantly made him a global star with a top ten album and a sold-out worldwide tour. “I have toured almost everywhere. The only two parts of the world missing for me are Asia and South America.”

His latest album ‘Sleep No More’ which was released earlier this year and includes hits such as ‘When We Were Lovers’ and ‘We Are Bound’ is about the very real struggles of holding on to love against the odds and as he says, “it’s the first album I have written as an adult.”

This Autumn Jack will be supporting John Legend who he describes as ‘a classic songwriter’. They approached me – I’m really looking forward it and visiting some beautiful cities. What an experience!

“It’s astonishing that John became renowned for just being a songwriter without compromise. He’s classic and his song writing proves that it is all about the song – I love that,” Jack adds.

A new Jack Savoretti album is on the backburner but for the rest of this year fans can catch him all over the place. As well as the tour with John Legend, this summer he is performing at various festivals.

“I am busy until Christmas with the tour and festival season including Cornbury in Oxfordshire (July 7) and V (August 19 & 20) plus loads in Europe.”

Jack Savoretti joins John Legend on his European and UK arena tour including a show at The O2 Arena on September 12. His current album ‘Sleep No More’ is out now. For more details visit

*images by Tom Oxley


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