in2 Beauty: Get the look for Autumn/Winter 2017

GET the look for Autumn/Winter 2017 straight off the catwalk with these beauty trends from Denise Rabour, Founder of WOW Beauty and Make-Up Artist Stacey Whittaker

Bold Eyeliner
Bold, black, smudged eyeliner is a trend set to be popular for the A/W months. Move on from the winged eyeliner using liquid eyeliner and instead, use a kohl pencil and smudge it along the upper and lower lash lines to create a more dramatic effect.

Glowing Skin
Natural beauty and glowing skin is another trend for AW17. To perfect this look, ensure your skin is in good condition well cleansed and moisturised. This look is very minimalistic so don’t go overboard with the foundation and try to stick to a foundation with a lighter coverage or no foundation at all! Sweep some bronzer lightly all over your skin and then finish off with a highlighter to finish the look and give you that radiant glow!

Dual Eyeliner
Other than bold eyeliner, dual eyeliner is also hot for this season. This is where two stripes of different colours are put across the eyes to create a unique, stand out from the crowd look. Use bright contrasting colour combinations such as pink and blue or green and orange to perfect this look.

Warm Coloured Eyeshadows
Eyeshadow shades for AW will consist of warmer shades such as pinky-peaches, oranges and reds. Like the autumn leaves, these shades compliment the change in seasons and also compliment your skin tone.

Long Lashes
Say goodbye to natural looking, wispy lashes and hello to long, spider-like lashes. Apply your lashes on the top and bottom of your eyes or even to just the bottom of the eyes to create a ‘doll like’ look.

Blood Red Lips
Dark, lustrous red lips are bang on trend for AW17. Think dark cherry tones with a soft gloosy/shiny finish. Pair this statement lip with natural, glowing skin for a catwalk inspired look.


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