Football fire brings community together

Hannikins Farm Football Club
Hannikins Farm Football Club

Local businesses and residents have rallied round a popular football club after their football equipment was set on fire.

Hannikins Farm Football Club’s goal store on the football field off Linda Gardens in Billericay was set alight on Wednesday, August 2. Two engines from Essex fire brigade was on the scene at 5pm. The damaged caused is estimated to be £10,000.

Sally Atkin, who lives next door, said: “I had to shut my horses and dogs in as the smoke was so bad, you couldn’t see a hand in front of you. The smoke was choking. One of the horse owners couldn’t get her car down our drive it was so thick.”

Roy Stevens, the Juniors Vice Chairman has set up a crowd funding site to raise money for new equipment.


Roy said: “Due to what looks like an act of sabotage, Hannikins Farm FC juniors have lost all their goals and equipment. We now need to replace otherwise the junior club members may not have football at Hannikins for the start of the season.”

Local residents were outraged when they heard about the fire and businesses have offered their support. Harrys Bar in Billericay are holding a fundraising event and Reid’s Billericay have offered donations, raffle prizes and venue hire.

Mark Stevens owner of Harrys Bar in Billericay said: “I am meeting with the Club Committee this week to finalise details.”

Roy added: “We are also running a football prediction competition with half the proceeds going to the winner and half to the fund. We can’t believe this has happened just before the start of the season, however we will try our hardest to be ready to start the football season.”

If you would like to donate to the football club please visit,
Or if you would like to take part in the competition please visit, If anyone has any infomation please contact Crimestoppers


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