Charity steps in to help Barking primary school after fire destroys prized garden

A NATIONAL charity has stepped in to try and help a Barking primary school that had its prized garden devastated by a vicious fire.

On Monday, 3 April, pupils and staff arrived at Northbury Primary School to find their much loved, mature vegetable garden burnt to the ground.

Before the fire, the primary school had been working hard to provide healthy school meals, great lunchtimes and food education.

The Soil Association said they had recognised the positive impact the garden had on both pupils and the wider community through the charity’s Food for Life Programme.

In a statement, the charity added: “Being situated in one of London’s most disadvantaged communities, the vegetable garden had previously given children, and their families, an opportunity to get outdoors and experience vegetable growing in their own neighbourhood.

“Though the fire may have consumed the school’s shed, green house and lovingly tendered crops, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage, staff and pupils are not prepared to give up. With the help of generous donations, this Barking primary school can rebuild and continue its impressive work towards improving health within the local community.

“No donation is too small, with every contribution going some way to help pay for new seeds, infrastructure and equipment. ”

Pupils said they were concerned about what would happen to the garden and how they would grow things in the future, with 10-year-old pupil Israa saying: “I really miss the fruits we were growing. I liked to see them grow and we checked on them every day.

“They made the playground look better, they gave it shine! I’m proud of my school garden because it’s an important part of the school.”


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