Ambitious duo launch ‘proper’ new business

Two Chelmsford entrepreneurs have launched a new company specialising in ‘proper’ mayonnaise that they hope will tap into the trend for all things artisanal.

Essex Garden Foods and are aiming to ensure their artisan mayonnaise sauces become one of the staples in food larders across the country.
Marcin Bartkowiak and his business partner, Radomir Wnenk, have gone into production making the specialist sauces and seized upon the name ‘Proper Classic’ for their brand.

They launched it at Chelmsford’s Meadows Shopping Centre. It is the first time the duo has ventured into the condiments market; Marcin is a landscape architect by trade and Radomir is a butcher, who would make the sauces to his own original recipe for friends and relatives.

When those friends started begging for more and insisted on buying the mayonnaise the pair knew they had something they could bring to market.
The result is ‘Proper Classic Mayonnaise’, ‘Proper Classic with fresh garlic’ and ‘Proper Classic with fresh Scotch Bonnet chillies’.


Marcin, originally from Poland, has lived and worked in Essex for 11 years, and Radomir, from the Czech Republic, has also been in the county for over a decade.
They both confess to loving Essex so much, there was no question that it should feature as part of their business name.

“Essex is our home. We have had good, productive lives here and have many friends who were born and bred here. We wouldn’t think of going anywhere else to start up our business,” said Marcin.

Now they are members of ‘A Taste of Anglia’, which supports and promotes the food and drink industry across the country and have their eyes firmly set on growing their company.

Proper Classic is made with free-range eggs and is additive-free. It contains carefully sourced fresh vegetables. Each 250g jar costs £3.50 and is available at the Essex Garden Foods’ stall in the Meadows Shopping Centre.

The proper mayonnaise is also available to buy through
The business partners are now looking to expand their reach and plan to sell their product through delis, farm shops and other retailers.


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